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About game:

Challenging skilled players with its hardness, Scary Maze is a fantastic skill games from Winterrowd that you should try. The gameplay’s design is quite simple in the graphics, sound effect and playing rule. Any player can try this game for relaxing in their free time.

Scary Maze includes many different levels with increasing number of difficulty you have to face. In the gameplay, players will have to get through every stages to win. Each stage’s map is a maze map with roads which are connected to each other, leading to the red sign at the end of the map. Your mission is to control a small blue dot, move it through the map given without touching the black wall. But of course, it is not an easy journey for your little blue buddy.

The width of map’s roads is various. Some roads may be really large, but some others are extremely small, requiring your high skills in controlling your mouse. Just one tiny wrong move of yours, you will touch the black wall and finish the game. The sound effect may help you with the game, try using it.

Scary Maze’s playing rule seems to have nothing scary at all, isn’t it? But just wait until you face the real challenge and fail the mission. Get ready for it! Meet your blue friend now at Scary Maze!

Scary Maze Unblocked

Welcome to this horrifying skill game, our players. Scary Maze Unblocked game has been released at https://run3unblocked.io. This is a popular gaming site you should enter and have a try with many awesome unblocked games like Run game, Run 2 game and Drift Hunter! Challenge your skilled mouse controlling now with Scary Maze Unblocked!

How to play:

Drag your mouse to move the blue dot.

Move the dot to the red sign without touching the black wall.

Tips and tricks:

Carefully control your moving speed.

Turn the sound on loudly, it may help.

This scary maze is not for weak-hearted players, be wise before deciding to play.

Scary Maze Walkthrough

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