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Run 2 is a unique action game created by Joseph Cloutier and published by Adult Swim Games. The game is designed in 3D graphics with simple images and playing rule to help your character run through all of the stages. It is simple, but still full of interesting challenges for players to play. Get into Run 2 now to challenge yourself from levels to levels!

About game:

Considered as one of the most attracting game in its genre, Run 2 is a fantastic running action game that you might want to give a try this time! Before starting the race, you are able to choose to play as a runner or skater, and check for the control keys in game’s menu. These control keys can be adjusted in the menu. You just have to click on the key which you don’t like, then press another key on the keyboard to change it into a new control key. The default control keys are left and right keys for moving and SPACE bar to jump over.  

Run 2 includes many stages with various running maps which are filled with interesting challenges. In each map, there are complicated terrains and blocks blocking your way through. Your character is always running, all you can do is move him left/right or jump to stay on the race and make it to the end. Each stage’s race is quite short, but the running speed of your character is not slow at all, so the gameplay absolutely requires players’ attention strongly. Besides, players are able to choose the game’s speed, so you should spend the time to check the defaulted Setting of the game to have good races.

Finish a level in Run 2

To finish a level, you have to get to the destination – the colorful area

The most interesting feature of Run 2 is the 3D graphics. On the running way, you will see many walls and ceilings. What do you think if it’s not just walls and ceilings? What if they can turn into floors and you can run on them? Try jumping and running onto them, the playing screen will be immediately rotated and turn them into your running race.

Created with simple playing rules combined with interesting 3D effects, Run 2 is definitely bringing to players great experiences with its unexpected challenges. Join Run 2 now to enjoy a game filled with excitement!

Run 2 Unblocked

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How to play:

Use Left key and Right key to move.

Press SPACE bar to jump.

Get through all the objects blocking your way to finish every level. Avoid falling off.

Tips and tricks:

Move yourself to the wall to rotate your playing screen, making the wall turn into the floor.

Choose the properly difficult level to start the game.

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