Run is an amazing Running & Platform video game developed by Joseph Cloutier (Player 03). This game is famous for successfully making up an entirely new style of Running video game. Ever since it was introduced to the Internet, Run has been receiving a big amount of players every day. What makes this game maintains its attraction through years, even when thousands of video games under the same category with fresh elements are released every day? Let’s figure out with us right now!

About game:

To be honest, Run does its best to draw the player’s attention from the very beginning of the game with a cute little creature which is brought to the screen with his back facing the player. You can either define this new friend as a cute character or just a strange space creature which is able to run. Next thing you will find is that you can totally control this protagonist to run in the space. Of course, space has no ground so it leads to the fact that you need to catch any surface that a living creature can put its step on.

In Run, the ceiling can be the ground and the ground can be the ceiling! How amazing it is! The protagonist manages to move on any surface automatically and what you need to do is helping him change between directions and jump through the black holes leading to space. To accomplish the adventure from the start point to the destination planet in the Adventure mode, you will need to maintain the braveness and excitement from the beginning to the very end of the game.

If you success, you will be able to claim the victory and be the winner of the game. For players who don’t keen on a long way of a serious Adventure can try the Infinitive mode, which allows them to have an endless running. This mode is free to play, which means you can come and go at any time you desire without the fear of losing your feelings for the game. In an addition to that, Run owns beautiful graphics inspired by the modern neon light aesthetics. Entering the game, your visualization will be satisfied.

Even more, your ears will also be relaxed with the super entertaining sounds that the game brings in. The player is able to modify the game surroundings in the Edit mode when he knows how to run the game in his way. With that loads of information, you may be equipped with everything you need now. Let’s start the gameplay of Run!

Run Unblocked:

Do you want to try Run Unblocked? Let’s turn to https://run3unblocked.io and have fun with Run Unblocked alongside with Run 2, Plant vs Zombies  and many other fantastic video games.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to move and turn to different directions.

Press Spacebar to Jump.

Tips and tricks:

When you are used to the game, choose the Fast option in the Speed mode and experience the game in a harder and more exciting way.

Play Run in full screen to see how crazy the visuals of the game become, in a good way.

Run Walkthrough

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