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Raft Wars is a funny shooting game created by Martijn Kunst. The gameplay is designed with 2D graphics telling a story about Simon’s journey, defeating waves of pirates to protect his treasures. Get into Raft Wars now to help Simon with your shooting skills!

About game:

Not a fight in a horrified bloody battlefield, Raft Wars is a lovely shooting game with colorful background and characters. The game’s story is about Simon – a lucky boy. While playing on the beach, he found out a mysterious treasure filled with gold and diamond, which totally changed his life. He became rich and famous all around the world. But unfortunately, news of the treasure boy was also heard by the evil pirates far away. For the taken treasure, they are coming wave-by-wave to steal it back from Simon. Your mission is to help Simon and his bros control the fight against evil pirates.

Your weapon is a powerful gun and some different kinds of the bullet. There are 2 ways to defeat a pirate wave. You can either shoot them until you end his blood bar or make your bullets push them to fall off. The game is totally controlled by the mouse. You can move the mouse up and down to aim and drag its length to choose the right shooting strength. During the game, there are some credits for you to collect. You will be able to receive 500 credits as an award right after finishing a level.

An important key for you to earn more bonus credits after a level is trying to use as less time and shot as you can. And it, of course, means that you have to have more accurate shots. Your collected credits can be used to buy useful upgrades such as new stronger kinds of the bullet or to upgrade teammates for Simon.

Don’t let the pirates steal Simon’s treasure. Simon and his teammates are waiting for your help right now. Show your shooting skills off and keep the treasure safe in Raft Wars!

Raft Wars Unblocked

Those evil pirates have been chasing our Simon for a long hard journey and now they are getting ready for a new battle at run3unblocked.io, which is a famous battlefield for shooters. Raft Wars Unblocked game is already here for the fight! Hold on Simon, your teammates are here and ready for you at Raft Wars Unblocked!

How to play:

  • Drag your Mouse up and down to aim and choose the shooting strength.
  • Click your mouse for shooting.
  • Aim accurately at the pirates and defeat all of their team members to finish a level.

Tips and tricks:

  • Remember that one shot not only can hit a pirate but also can crash all of them if the bullet bounces.
  • The direction of your mouse of the previous shot can be used to aim the next one.
  • The hippo in the river can help you bounce your bullet at your enemies … or away.

Look at the number of players as well as the percent of like, we easily realize that Run 1, Raft Wars and Learn to Fly are the three most prominent games on Run3unblocked io.

Raft Wars Walkthrough

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