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Plants vs Zombies is an addictive Tower Defense video game published by Capcom. Following the theory of Zombies, the game has captured million players’ hearts and became famous around the globe. If you are interested in a world where Zombies exist, let’s find out about the interesting gameplay of Plants vs Zombies with us, now!

About game:

First time published in 2009, Plants vs Zombies topped several game charts and It was nominated for multiple awards. The success of the game comes from its unique gameplay which features a team of Plants fighting against the upcoming waves of Zombies. The story of Plants vs Zombies brings you into the role of a backyard owner. Somehow, the Zombies lay their eyes on your treasures that are separated with the outside by a cute yard with super green grasses.

You will have to select different types of provided Plants to build your own army in order to fight off those deadly creatures. Each type of Plants in Plants vs Zombies has unique power that can be used for different functions. The backyard in the game will be divided into different lanes. Step by step, a Zombie will come for your house through one lane. Imagine when many of them come at once and you have nowhere to turn to, maybe that’s when the Plants are really in need.

You will start your game mostly with a Sunflower, whose seeds are ‘suns’ that will help you grow more and more Plants. As you advance in the game, more beautiful backgrounds and lands will be served to make your gaming experience even better than when you start. What’s interesting in Plants vs Zombies is that sometimes you will receive a warning letter by either the Zombies or someone else. This will help you to make right decision in the further gameplay. In an addition to that, it will be a waste without mentioning the colourful Graphics of Plants vs Zombies.

No matter if you are in love with colours or not, Plants vs Zombies’ amazing designs will satisfy your visualization. Feel free to click and point to the screen until your computer mouse needs reset since the gameplay of Plants vs Zombies will be amazingly thrilling. Once you start with Plants vs Zombies, you won’t even think of pausing this wonderful Tower Defense video game even for just a second. Let’s start now!

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How to play:

Click on Seed pack to start planting.

Place the Plant in different lanes to fight off Zombies.

Tips and tricks:

Always place the Sun flowers at the position that is closest to your house to help them have more time to produce Sun seed.

When the Potatoes are available, place them at the beginning of your backyard to defend Zombies from attacking the Plants.

Plants vs Zombies Walkthrough

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