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About game:

Paper Minecraft is a minecraft survival game written by Griffpatch and published by Scratch, in which you are a man surviving alone on a mysterious island, travelling around, collecting raw materials and food. This is really a great minecraft game for any minecraft lover by its simple background and surviving challenge.

Before entering the game, you are able to customize your match by choosing the game mode and some features. The game’s map is designed like an island with trees, lands, rocks, sand and even water. You will have to collect materials by clicking on it then hold the click, wait for it to break into pieces and pick them up. For animals, you can hunt them for food. Food will help you to recover your health if it runs out.

The animals will run away so you should chase them, but be careful or you may fall into dangerous areas. Your character can swim, however he can only hold his breath for a while, so you should just dive him when necessary, otherwise, let him swim on the water’s surface. Some dangerous animals which are not for food, or some enemies on this island may attack you. Quickly craft some weapons before meeting them to fight back.

It’s such a tight surviving challenge here in this island. But can you do it? Prove your strength and skills now at Paper Minecraft!

Paper Minecraft Unblocked

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How to play:

Arrow keys or WASD to run and jump.

“E” to open inventory.

Click to attack, collect, hunt or block.

Number keys to choose materials or food to use.

“F” to eat food.

Tips and tricks:

Be careful while swimming, you can just hold your breath for a while.

Falling down from 3 blocks or above will cause damage.

Eating can help you recover your health.

Use some materials to create blocks, blocking your enemies from you.

Paper MineCraft Walkthrough

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