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Learn To Fly is an amazing Flying and Platform video game developed by Light Bringer Games. The game is known for its unique gameplay with fresh elements. Until now, Learn To Fly has several successors as many expansions of the game are released. The original game itself received million times playing and good reviews from the global critics. If you really want to know about this enthusiastic video game, let’s find it out together with us and see if you fit the gameplay of Learn To Fly or not!

About game:

Learn To Fly introduces to you the wise Penguins that concern about their abilities. In detail, the Penguins in Learn To Fly demand to fly. As you may know, Penguins aren’t the kind of animals that are able to fly as many other mammals. Despite the hurtful fact, the penguins is Learn To Fly try their best to make their wings work, but how? You will see a penguin comes to a special position which is literally a high place that he can count on to fly himself away. You have to help this penguin to achieve what he really wants.

Learn To Fly allows you to set the angle of the Penguin and take him away just like how you shoot a rocket. The better you will do, the more effective your work will be. There will be more than one stage served in Learn To Fly. What you need to keep in mind to experience all the stages is achieving more and more from the game’s rewards. Learn To Fly will reward you with different precious stuffs as you achieve the various required lengths. Even more, you are able to modify elements of your performance including Ramp Height, Acceleration, etc. using the in-game funds.

As you can see, Learn To Fly will bring you kind graphics with smooth controls. Feel free to start the video game of Lean To Fly anytime you want since after a few shots, you will wonder why you know about this game so late. Check it out now!

Learn To Fly Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use Left and Right keys to adjust the angle.

Use the computer mouse to make options to the gameplay.

Tips and tricks:

Hit the water with your belly quickly enough to bounce back up and fly even further and further.

Before your penguin falls right into the cool water, you need to try your best to achieve that best length you can.

Learn To Fly Walkthrough

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