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Run 3 or also known as Run Mobile is the third installment of series of Run game that was created by Player 03 and published on June 5, 2014. This is one of the most addictive video games that attracts the attention of millions of players around the world right after its release date.


Taking place in a series of tunnels in space, in run 3, the players will control an alien that runs automatically. The main mission is to run as far as possible in these tunnels while avoiding all the obstacles on the way. With the same gameplay as two previous installments, however, in Run 3, it offers some enhanced mechanics. In detail, there are some new obstacles like Crumbling tiles, Ramps, darkness, and the ability to re-enter the tunnel after jumping out of it. These things make the game become more challenging and attractive than the previous games.

In addition, this game also offers a new currency called as Power cells. This currency is primarily earned in Infinite Mode, but it is also awarded from earning achievements. Power Cells can be used to unlock new characters, their costumes, and purchase upgrades in the Shop. However, in this game, the Bonuses from Run 2 no longer exist and the Boxes also no longer appear in the middle of the tunnel.

At this time, in run 3, there are total 10 playable characters, more than 20 playable tunnels, and 309 levels are published and available to play. Each character and tunnel has its own characteristic and personalities.

Game modes

There are two main modes in Run 3 Unblocked including Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. Each of them has its own unique core features.

  • Explore Mode

Explore mode is the main attraction of Run 3. It contains the story, as described below and on this page. Several characters can be unlocked by playing through Explore mode, as well as the winter and Halloween costumes. The Runner's galaxy map acts as a level hub for Explore mode, displaying all the tunnels and levels that can be explored.

  • Infinite Mode

Infinite mode consists of pre-made levels in a random order. Your progress is not saved between levels, so instead, your goal is to finish as many levels in a row as possible. The levels repeat if you travel far enough, so there's no way to win. The main purpose of Infinite mode is collecting power cells, the in-game form of currency. (Source).

Playable characters

As mentioned above, there are total ten playable characters available in run 3 including Runner, Skater, Lizard, Child, Bunny, Gentleman, Duplicator, Pastafarian, Student, and Angel. Each character has its own ability and personality that are suitable to beat some certain levels in this game. In these characters, only Runner is the starter character and you can use her right when starting the game. In addition, the rest ones need to be unlocked by using power cells.




How to unlock



Runner is the default character in Run 3 with no special abilities. Her speed, jump height, and maneuverability are higher a bit than average. Being a starter character, she can beat at every level if you really understand and use her properly. Runner has 2 type of costumes including Winter and Halloween costumes.

She is starter character.

Winter costumes are able to unlock if you earned 500 power cells or beat the Winter game.

Halloween costumes are only unlocked by purchasing at Shop with 750 power cells or defeating the low power tunnel.



Skate is a quite strong character in Run 3 Unblocked. He is one of the fastest running characters in this game with the speed up to 21m / s. Although his jump's ability is lower than average, his jump far's ability is really so great.

To unlock Skater, you need to beat level 10 or purchase in the Shop with 300 power cells.

To unlock his winter costume, you need to defeat the Winter game or purchase in the Shop with 500 power cells.



Lizard is an unlockable character with the green appearance. It can't speak and understand the language in run 3. Lizard is the character that has the highest jump's ability of the game but its speed is very slow. In addition, it is a lazy character. If it fails many times in a row, it will give up and go sleep.

To unlock Lizard, you must defeat level 40 or purchase it in the Shop with a cost of 600 power cells.



Duplicator is an umbrageous character and he only believes his son and the animals characters like Lizard and Bunny. His ability is that he can create his own copy (up to six copies) in seconds. These copy will mimic his actions.

There is only one way to unlock Duplicator is that purchasing in the Shop with cost of 6000 power cells.



Child is the son of Duplicate and often appears with his father. With the light-weight and the support of his balloon, Child can run on the ruined brickwork without making them shakes. The weakness of this character is his speed and low maneuverability.

To unlock him, you need to defeat the low-power tunnel or use 2000 power cells to purchase him in the Shop.



Bunny is a hyperactive creature in the universe of run 3. It can't understand the language and of course, like Lizard, it isn't capable of communicating. In addition, Bunny has the best speed in the game. Its jump and maneuverability abilities are also very good. However, Bunny never stop jumping, so it is quite difficult to control

To unlock it, you need to achieve 8 achievements or earned at least 2000 power cells to purchase it in the Shop.



The Gentleman is a special character. He is the only character that can see Power cells in the Explore Mode, so, he is known as the collector of this currency.

To unlock Gentleman, you must earn enough 2000 power cells to purchase him in the Shop.



Pastafarian is a priest of church with the abilities to run very fast on the light bridges. Her normal speed is 9m/s but on the light bridge, her speed can reach 12m/s.

To unlock Pastafarian, you need to purchase her in the Shop with 6000 power cells on web or 25000 in Mobile.



Student has abilities to flip gravity while jumping. Her fastest speed is 9-10m/s and the ability to jump is 13,3m.

To unlock student, you need to purchase her in the Shop at the cost of 10000 power cells.



Angel is an engineer working in the factory. His ability is to jump in the air to speed up and his speed is 19.5m/s. That makes him become one of the fastest characters in the game. In addition, the jump and maneuverability ability of him are quite good.

To unlock him, you need to earn at least 12000 power cells and purchase him in the Shop.


Tunnels in game

There are total 20 playable tunnels in this game including the main tunnels and several branches out of tunnels.

The Main tunnel contains 65 levels and it starts from the planet. This is the longest tunnel of this game that leads to eight branch tunnels.

The branch tunnels include Winter Games, A- tunnel, New tunnel, Low-power tunnel, Memory Evaluation, U-Tunnel, B-tunnel, etc. Some branch tunnels can help the player to unlock a few characters.

How to Play:

Controls in Run 3 Unblocked 88kgames

Controls in Run 3 Unblocked 88kgames

  • Using the button left/right to move.
  • Using button up or spacebar to jump.
  • Using P to pause the game.
  • Using R to reset.

Tips and Tricks for difficult levels:

  • The lane road will turn into floor when running on another lane.
  • You shouldn't use Duplicator at level 78 because his copies can push the bricks and make you harder to avoid the crumbling title. Runner or Student are recommended characters for you.

Tips in Run 3

  • Use Bunny, Duplicator, or Child to beat Plan A part 16.
  • To beat level I-5, Runner or Student are the recommended characters. In addition, avoid jumping high when you are near the platforms.
  • At level W-3, some ice skating may be pointing out to nothing, so don't run on them.
  • T-7 is one of the hardest levels in Run 3. Let's use Bunny, Student or Duplicator to beat it.
  • Using Student, Runner, Duplicator or Child may helpful in level T-4.
  • In level L-2, Lizard, Runner or Pastafarian are recommended. In addition, you should run to the side of the path then make a high jump to get to the next path in this level.

Run 3 Unblocked Game:

Run 3 is really an excellent and addictive game to play and enjoy. And it is so great when playing this cool game in your break time with friends, isn't it? However, we know that most of the schools block gaming sites and run 3 to prevent their students pay too much attention to this game. For this reason, it is very difficult to play run 3 at school.

Don't worry! You still can enjoy this game anywhere you want with our run 3 unblocked version on With this version, there is no school or any other areas can stop you enjoying your favorite game.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How many levels?

There are total 309 levels in run 3 unblocked in which the main tunnel has 65 levels. The rest levels belong to the branch tunnels

How to beat level 65?

At level 65 of the main tunnel, let's use Runner, Child or Bunny to beat it.

How to beat?

In order to beat run 3, you should pay attention when playing the game. In addition, let's use some tips and tricks above. May them be useful for you!

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